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feed icon Feed Count 1.2 is the latest version of my Wordpress Plugin that displays the number of subscribers to your feedburner feed. You can see it in the sidebar of www.mapelli.info, right under the feed icon.

Since I don’t like the feedburner chicklet, I developed this plugin that can be easily integrated into your wordpress theme.

Support for wordpress widgets is being tested, and will be available in future versions.


  • [New in 1.2] CURL support (more hosting provider are supported!)
  • [New in 1.2] Unsupported empty URL bug fixed
  • Before and After Tags
  • Full CSS styles support
  • Customizable refresh time
  • Customizable link
  • Integration with Wordpress administration panel

Installing Feed Count

  • Get Feed Count zip file & Unzip it
  • Upload feedcount.php to your wordpress plugin directory
  • Activate the plugin from the plugins tab
  • Play with the options (Options -> Feed Count) to fit your needs
  • Be sure to have Awareness API for your feedburner account enabled (to enable it log in to your feedburner account, go to the Publicize tab, click on the Awareness API service and enable it).
  • Put <?php if (function_exists('fc_feedcount')) fc_feedcount(); ?> where you want your feed count to appear.
  • If you like Feed Count, you should consider writing a post to tell the world how cool is it, maybe adding a link to www.mapelli.info and Feed Count homepage

Customizing Feed Count with a CSS

Feed Count can be easily customized by adding some entries to your css file. Here’s what I added for www.mapelli.info:

.feedcountdiv p{
.feedcount {
background: url(/images/rss-stripes.png) repeat;
border:2px solid #cc5b00;
.subscribers {
background-color: #cc5b00;
padding:0px 2px 0px 2px;

Getting Feed Count

Feed Count 1.2 Downloads: 6543 times


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